Festive Season Spending

The festive season is upon us again. Unfortunately this is also the time of the year people go overboard with spending only to face the consequences in the New Year. Many will receive a bonus and many others don’t. Either way it is important that you set your self a budget for the coming few months well into the few first months of the New Year.

If you are already on a tight budget it is even more important to create a budget and keep to it. Buying presents for people for Christmas ? You don’t have to buy the most expensive gifts if you can’t afford it others must understand and appreciate the gesture.

Start planning and budgeting for your Christmas lunch now and slowly stock up on the ingredients and drinks.

When working on your budget take good care of the extra expenses in January & February. Many people will have extra expenses like School fees & School Clothes and Stationary. These can add up to a substantial amount so be prepared.

Whatever your plans are this festive season, manage your finances so you start the year on a clean slate and don’t start it of with debt which you struggle to repay. If you can try to save that bonus for a rainy day.

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