Financial Education

Financial & Money education for kids and young adults.

It is a well known fact that you are never to old to learn, but you are also never to young to learn about money matters and finance. The earlier one learns about money and finance, the more responsible you are with money and finance when you are older.

Money Smart – A Financial Education Program

The FDIC’s new Money Smart for Young People series features four free age-appropriate curriculum’s that are designed to promote financial understanding in young people.  Money Smart for Young People curriculum’s are available for:

  • Grades Pre-K-2,
  • Grades 3-5,
  • Grades 6-8, and
  • Grades 9-12.

The innovative standards-aligned curriculums can be incorporated into subjects such as English language arts, Mathematics and Social Studies.  Special features of each curriculum are:

  • Multiple lessons that can be taught alone or in combination,
  • Ideas for grade-level modification,
  • Real-life exercises and examples, and
  • Suggestions for optional books or online games/tools that can reinforce student understanding.

The FIDC is offering these lessons free of charge. Go and educate your kids or pupils about money now.

Click here to become money smart

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