Paying Bills

Paying Bills, it is what any household will face every month. Rates and Taxes have to be paid, car payments, electricity & water, school fees, subscriptions, phone accounts and insurance. There are many bills to be paid every month. Bills are a fact of life and they won’t magically disappear.

Review your bills

It is important to you review your bills from time to time. You have to make sure that you din not miss out on any payments to prevent penalty charges, being blacklisted and to prevent messing up your budget. Start the month without any leftover accounts payable, so your bills don’t pile up. If you don’t do this you might soon find yourself in a debt spiral.

By reviewing your bills you might come across expenditure which is unnecessary. Do you still go to the Gym or do you still read that online magazine? By asking those questions you might be able to save a lot of money.

Budget for your bills

The most important to managing your finances and paying bills on time is organization. With proper organization you are able to see where your money goes. Drawing up a budget is a good start. Be organized enough to know how much you spend for any certain things and how much is left over. In your budget try to add some savings for those rainy days when you have unexpected expenses.

Discuss your bills

It is important to discuss your bills and finances with your partner. If your partner has a good understanding of your financial situation, they might be more inclined to stop wasteful expenditure or think twice before buying that latest gadget.

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