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Use our easy to use loan calculator to the left or check out our other awesome loan calculators and our cool debt reduction calculator. Don’t forget to check out our news & article section for some cool money, finance and wealth creation tips.

Just change the required values in the loan calculator form and the Monthly Repayments will be updated.

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Loan Calculator South Africa has developed some easy to use loan calculators. These loan calculators are totally free to use and should give you a good idea what potential repayments are going to be. There is also an easy to use affordability calculator which will give you an indication of the amount you might be able to get as a loan.

Last but not least there is the debt reduction calculator which can show you how to reduce your loan term by paying a bit extra. Just interested in money saving tips of articles about money and finance. Feel free to visit our blog section. With this site we hope to educate South Africans about finance, money and financial related news.

We hope that this loan calculator site is the start of your financial freedom.

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