Festive Season Budget

Festive Season Budget

2017 is coming to an end and Christmas is upon us. Now is a good time to have a Festive Season Budget. The festive season is a a time to be jolly and relax, but not so with your budget. It is not a nice start to the New Year without a financial hangover due to the festive season. In January many families are faced with increased cost on school fees and other expenses.

It is easy to forget about finances and difficult economic times during the festive seasons, but unfortunately we can’t ignore it. Bills still have to be paid and life is not getting any cheaper.

Some people are blessed with bonuses at the end of the year, but one should spend (or rather save) this wisely. One should not splurge this bonus but rather try to use some of it towards paying of debts. We don’t say you can not spoil yourself with something extra this season, but think twice how you might spend your bonus.

For the unfortunate who don’t get any bonus try to keep to a strict bonus and don’t try to keep up with Joneses. Spending to much during the festive season you might regret for the rest of the year.

Whatever you do don’t get into debt just to enjoy a few days of a jolly time. Quality time with friends and family is worth 100 times more as the loan you would take to impress them. Just set your self a realistic budget and know you will start 2018 on a clean debt free state.

Many people overspend during the festive season, make sure it is not you. Lets cheer on a sustainable economic future for 2018 and beyond. Don’t let a financial hangover get you into a downwards financial trap. Cheers and remember don’t Drink and Drive

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