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Credit Report Record

Credit Score

Anybody who is financially knowledgeable has heard of a credit score and understands that it’s better to have a higher credit score as opposed to a lower credit score. not

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South Africa Downgraded to Junk

Downgrade to Junk Status.

Within a week of firing Pravin Gordhan & Mcbesi Jonas South Africa has been downgraded to junk status by the ratings agency S&P. Basically what this means in simple words

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Save Money Shopping

Saving Tips Part 2

The second part in our series about saving money. We all have to do with less disposable income in the current economic climate, so how can we stretch our money

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Drowning in debt

Saving Tips Part 1

The economic situation is less then rosy at the moment. Many people struggle financially and struggle to keep their heads above water they are literary drowning in debt. To survive

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Festive Season Spending

The festive season is upon us again. Unfortunately this is also the time of the year people go overboard with spending only to face the consequences in the New Year.

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