Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend, these terms often are used wrongly. Borrow means you take something from someone to return it later. Lend means you give something to get back later. For many people it can be confusing so we will list some sample sentences to make it more clear.

Samples of Lend

  • I lent money to my friend so he could buy a new TV.
  • If I ask you really nicely, will you lent me R1000,00?
  • Have you ever lent money to a friend never to get it back.

Some samples of borrow

  • If you promise to pay me back you can borrow money from me
  • You always borrow money, but never pay it back
  • Do you trust him enough, to let him borrow your money?

We hope these samples of Borrow and Lend make it clear and hopefully you’ll use them in the right context next time.

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