Festive Season Spending

The festive season is upon us again. Unfortunately this is also the time of the year people go overboard with spending only to face the consequences in the New Year. Many will receive a bonus and many others don’t. Either way it is important that you set your self a budget for the coming few …

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Paying Bills

Paying Bills, it is what any household will face every month. Rates and Taxes have to be paid, car payments, electricity & water, school fees, subscriptions, phone accounts and insurance. There are many bills to be paid every month. Bills are a fact of life and they won’t magically disappear. Review your bills It is …

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Family Budget

Ideas for Family Budget

A family budget and management of family finances is a skill that every parent should acquire. If you are someone who regularly receives a salary, you should understand the importance of managing a family budget. A family budget avoids any unnecessary expenses and reduces financial stress. Before spending your income on anything , you need …

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