Drowning in debt

Saving Tips Part 1

The economic situation is less than rosy at the moment. Many people struggle financially and struggle to keep their heads above water they are literary drowning in debt. To survive and improve your economic situation you will have to curtail costs and get rid of items to bring in some extra cash. Here are some tips to save money.

Saving Tip 1 : Check the specials your supermarket has.

Plan your meals around the specials your supermarket is having. If pork or chicken is on special try to make meals with them. With a little creativity you can make different meals with the same ingredients. If certain frozen or tinned foods are on a special consider buying some extra. Buy seasonal items as they are far cheaper than out of season produce.

Saving Tip 2 : Stop buying prepared meals.

Prepared meals can be a time saver and sometimes can be justified in an emergency, but it is far cheaper to prepare your own meals. Not often will this be cheaper, but most probably healthier the prepared meals. Do a search on the internet for “Quick and healthy meals” or Quick and cheap meals” etc and you will find many recipes.

Saving Tip 3 : Cleanup and make some cash

Tackle a room a month and check every single item in it. With every item think if you really need it. If you haven’t used it in a while you probably don’t need it. Maybe that jeans in your cupboard is way to tight or big. Do you really want to hang on to it. Get rid of unwanted goods and sell them to a shop which sells second hand goods. Not only do you make some cash, you have de-cluttered your room.

Saving Tip 4 : Stop smoking

Well this should be a no-brainer, not only is smoking very costly, it is bad for your health as well. Just imagine what you could do with all that money you save. That should be a motivation on its own. Of course stopping in one day is difficult or near impossible, start trying to reduce the amount you smoke. Even one packet a week is a great saving.

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