Credit Report Record

Credit Score

Anybody who is financially knowledgeable has heard of a credit score and understands that it’s better to have a higher credit score as opposed to a lower credit score. not only banks will look at your credit score but employers, landlords, and others may look at your credit score before they might lend you money …

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Save Money Shopping

Saving Tips Part 2

The second part in our series about saving money. We all have to do with less disposable income in the current economic climate, so how can we stretch our money and still manage to pay all the bills? There are two choices, either increase your income or cut costs. The latter might be the easiest …

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Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend, these terms often are used wrongly. Borrow means you take something from someone to return it later. Lend means you give something to get back later. For many people it can be confusing so we will list some sample sentences to make it more clear. Samples of Lend I lent money to …

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