Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend

Borrow or Lend, these terms often are used wrongly. Borrow means you take something from someone to return it later. Lend means you give something to get back later. For many people it can be confusing so we will list some sample sentences to make it more clear. Samples of Lend I lent money to …

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Paying Bills

Paying Bills, it is what any household will face every month. Rates and Taxes have to be paid, car payments, electricity & water, school fees, subscriptions, phone accounts and insurance. There are many bills to be paid every month. Bills are a fact of life and they won’t magically disappear. Review your bills It is …

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Inflation, what is it ?

Inflation, a term thrown around by many people. Almost everyday the word inflation is in the news. It affects loan repayments. It is used during wage negotiations. It is measured and published. But what is inflation? How does it affect you? Inflation Explained The term inflation is a general description of the decreasing value of …

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